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This was a powerful documentary. I would like to applaud your efforts and courage. Many thanks for making this movie. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and this movie certainly touched me in the heart. I hope this movie gives the courage to other victims to speak out about their abuse.

I want to wish healing to all survivors of sexual abuse everywhere in the world.

Posted on 2011 11 19 at 10:11 PM

What a fantastic, eye opening documentary.
I am moved by the bravery of these gentleman and I hope that they will find peace.
Our society needs to be made aware and our legal system needs to be brought up to date.
I feel that this film is a step in the right direction.

Posted on 2011 09 27 at 07:40 PM

I was abused by my parents in my early years. I happened on the film by accident when it was broadcast on TV Ontario last week. I have fought with the blackness for most of my life. I found the calm thoughtfulness and coherence of the 3 helped order my own fractured thoughts. I understood more clearly than I have ever done reasons for the blackness that I have carried my whole life. I would like to have been with the 3, applauded their courage,shared their tears and offered what comfort I could. I wish I could tell my story with such courage, grace and eloquence. Thank you gentlemen.

Posted on 2011 09 24 at 09:07 PM

August 2011: I’ve just begun to watch this film online and even the opening photograph of the school brings me shivers! It immediately brings back many sad feelings. I went to Caldicott from 1987-1992. I was a day boy for most of my time there but I did board for one whole year. I never liked the school as there was a strange atmosphere created by our headmaster. I remember the headmaster at that time Peter Wright very clearly and a few other teachers who we would call ‘perves’ because they used to make us shower slowly whilst watching us, and if we hadn’t been in the showers long enough, they would ask us to go back in and wash longer. I remember at the time thinking it was very strange because even if you had totally cleaned yourself they would want you to stay in there longer than needed. I was never very good at games, I hated rugby and cricket which made life more difficult for me at Caldicott, but my saviour was the theatre and performing. I remember Peter Wright would have his favourite boys and would give them nicknames, and how jealous this would make me. I remember him giving another boy a hand written note who was the lead role in the play, whilst I was the second main part and how he commented that this boy was his favourite and that I needed to work harder. (the other boy I’m talking about will remember this I’m sure, as he has actually commented on this website too). Then the following year, he told my parents I had to change from day-boy to border if I was to get the main lead role. I was desperate for his approval and to get the lead role in the play that I agreed to board. I clearly remember him flirting with me and the way he would make me feel very special during rehearsals. It’s so strange to be talking about this now, as I think it has really scared me as an adult… I’ve never felt that comfortable with my body and that is without a doubt due to the way I was observed whilst naked in the school showers. I hated boarding there so much and even remember going home one weekend and crying to my parents that I didn’t want to go back, holding on with both hands to a door handle while they tried to pull me away to take me back to school. I never felt safe while boarding, there was always a strange atmosphere in the dorms and after games. I hated it so much that I did anything I could to get out of games, missing rubgy or cricket so I could spend time in library off-games. This was largely because I hated getting undressed afterwards as I knew the teacher would be watching me. My older brother was a number of years ahead of me at Caldicott also and I remember he had similar experiences and didn’t enjoy his time there either, particularly due to Mr Wright Senior (the headmaster), there was another younger teacher there who shared the same surname but was not his family. My brother died in the 1990s so we will never know what his experiences were, but I’m sure he was deeply affected by his time at the school, as was I. Thanks for making this film, it’s really helped me to look back at my own experiences at Caldicott and acknowledge the effect this had on my adult life. I have had a successful life and career and I think perhaps the root of my determination to succeed comes from many of the early experiences I had at the school… I remember leaving there and feeling so free, that I was finally able to run away from it. I’m sure there were many boys who were affected by abuse during the years I was at the school, and encourage them to come forward.

Posted on 2011 08 27 at 12:28 AM

well done to you all for breaking the silence ! unless you have been through it people dont understand . I hope you all find peace , one day soon i hope i will too x

Posted on 2011 08 20 at 01:48 PM

Saw the film late last night on a Belgian TV Channel by the name of CANVAS. I can’t praise all you people enough for showing the viewers
these hidden atrocities in the world. I already posted my comment on their pages where you’re welcome to read.
Throughout my youth I have been bruised (literally), tainted and smudged. Even as an adult. But life goes on and I shall overcome.
As all of you will too!

Posted on 2011 08 18 at 10:58 AM

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